Friday, January 7, 2011

Mash-up: Tracey Ullman/Reese Witherspoon

We all have these random, seemingly useless talents that offer little more than amusement. My little talent is that I have an uncanny ability to recognize celebrity mash-ups in random people.

Poor Crystal (of Avery James Photography) has to suffer through this more than most because we have "CSI dates" every month or so-- we're watching them all, starting with the low-def. season 1 (my, how technology has progressed since 2000). I seem to find the most mash-ups on that show for some reason!

As I discovered another mash-up yesterday evening, I realized that I had nobody to share it with. Then it hit me: why not start a new mash-up section on the blog?? I would love to see if you agree with my findings!

So, for our first ... I'm seeing young Tracey Ullman/Reese Witherspoon.


  1. OMG that's so funny!! I saw Reese right off the bat, but i didnt know what Tracey looked like till i clicked the link - YES, that was a PERFECT mash-up call. LoL I never would have thought of those, lol. I love the new feature!!

  2. Holy Toledo! I absolutely see it!!

  3. It is a skill and we want to see more of it!!x

  4. Yeah, I could definitely see that! I would love for that new feature to happen! xo


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