Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, Hello Chaos!

{Veruca- my little Devon Rex}

The weather has been absolutely dreamy here in southern California! Unfortunately, my long weekend was spent indoors taking care of home disasters. First, my cat fell ill and needed lots of love and attention. Then the refrigerator took a little "break" and flooded the kitchen floor with water. And of course, I spilled red-tinted water while I was painting which led to a good carpet scrubbing.

Since I was on a roll (and my boyfriend was strangely cooperative through all this maintenance and cleaning), I decided to chance battle scars and bathed the cats, Soft Pawed them to prevent future scratching, MASSIVELY grocery shopped (I saved as much as I spent- yay for rewards cards and sales!), rearranged furniture and baked a delicious ham. Phew!

Relaxing weekend, where did you go?!


  1. Your cat is sooo cute! My dogs are a nightmare to bath so I feel for you ;-) x

  2. WOWZA!!! I'm pooped just reading about your little weekend adventure ;)
    My weekend was a weekend long birthday celebration for my 4 yr old daughter... I guess I just THOUGHT I was busy ;)
    Hope you got your fridge fixed...

  3. That image of your cat is so haunting, totally love it. Sorry to hear about the weekend.

  4. That cat looks so fluffy and beautiful. :O)

  5. Jen, I love your little Devon Rex. I met a tiny Devon Rex kitten, once in a pet shop, who belonged to the pet shop owner.
    I would have bought it then and there...had it not already had an owner. The little poppet had absolutely no fur and lots of wrinkles on it's velvety smooth body..*happy sigh* with the largest ears/eyes, it reminded me of a very small ET. And as for personality! Oh my goodness.
    The little kitten was able to win the hearts of all who ventured into the shop, in a matter of seconds, not even minutes. It ran about throughout the store and just made merry. Sooo very friendly. As I already owned the most incredible Siamese, at the time, and I really am a 'one cat' person, I resisted the huge urge to buy a Devon Rex. But maybe, one day...
    Hope you were able to get the marks out of you carpet.
    (give your adorable Veruca, a hug from me)


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