Monday, January 31, 2011

Outdora Obsession!

It has been incredibly beautiful here in Los Angeles the past couple of weeks! We even had a quick rain shower this morning which washed away all of the disgusting smog and left us with the clearest of blue skies. I haven't been able to quell my desire for a revamped balcony now that the weather is the picture of perfection. I've been scouring websites for furniture and accessories, and came across Outdora (I just love the name!). They have everything from greenhouses to barbecues, from composters to fountains as well as hammocks and fire pits. I'm in love! (If only I had a sprawling back yard to fill with all these goodies!)

As I was perusing their outdoor patio furniture, I stumbled upon the most charming Butler and Tea carts. I have to have one! Like seriously, HAVE to have one. The cart that I love most is actually called the Briarwood Tea Cart. Can't you imagine a bright Springtime day spent outside with a whimsical tea set laid out upon an ornate English-style wrought iron cart? I'd love to do my blogging in such a fashion! Tea and key strokes ... sigh.

But then reality hit and it dawned on me that even if I had the perfect tea cart, I still don't have a clue as to what patio dining sets would work for my outdoor space. My current setup is a sad mashup of second-hand weathered chairs and my previous dining table, so I set off to find an Outdora set. My boyfriend has this strange aversion to wicker furniture, so I sadly passed that section by and serendipitously found the most romantic Bistro-style sets. With our 8 year anniversary coming up this summer, I feel like I need to recreate a Lady and the Tramp scene with one of these sets!

I'm truly obsessed!


  1. Never heard of it but it sound's great!

  2. I'd love a tea cart too but to hold cocktail glasses, decanter, and napkins, etc. I think they're so nice!


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