Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

{via weheartit}

Today is a dreamy sort of day, and I can't get my mind off of

  • The best shoes to have ever been cobbled
  • Night blooming jasmine on a summer's evening
  • Tiny foods made in my dream kitchen
  • Knee-high socks
  • Lofts


  1. I love the bee necklace! so cute.

  2. Game of Thrones was filmed in Malta - where I live :)

    My friend worked on that production.

  3. Love the photo (her hair is amazing!),
    and I love your list!!
    Now I'm in a dreamy state of mind, too! :)
    Happy Thursday!!

  4. I'm WAY excited about A Game of Thrones! That's so cool that your friend worked on it!

  5. Those are amazing things to be distracted by!


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