Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magical Celebrities- a photo series

{“Where a moment of beauty lasts forever.”- Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges}

{“Where magic speaks, even when you’re not the fairest of them all.”- Olivia Wilde and Alec Baldwin}

{“Where memories take hold and never let go.”- Queen Latifah}

{“Where Wonderland Is Your Destiny.”- Beyonce, Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt}

{“Where Imagination Saves The Day.”- David Beckham}

{“Where A Whole New World Awaits.”- Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony}

{“Where Dreams Run Free.”- Jessica Biel}

{“Where The Magic Begins.”- Julie Andrews and Abigial Breslin}

{“Where You Never Have To Grow Up.”- Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gisele Bündchen and Tina Fey}

{“Where You’re The Fairest Of Them All.”- Rachel Weisz}

{“Where You’re Always The King Of The Court.”- Roger Federer}

{“Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True.”- Scarlett Johansson}

{“Where Your Every Wish Is Our Command.”- Whoopi Goldberg}

I think that Disney's Dream Portrait series is amazing! Annie Leibovitz is responsible for this magic. I personally love the Alice photo most. Which one is your favorite?


  1. I love these pictures! I've seen them before... but they never get old. They're just so awesome.

    And Jessica Biel's my favorite one :)

  2. I think Roger's is the best. I had not seen them before. :O)

  3. wow!! i LOVE these. they're so fascinating and wonderful. i just discovered your blog thanks to the talented jo from "thank u and goodnite." i'm so happy i did!

  4. These are awesome! I love Whoopi!


    p.s. Lyle Lovett kinda creeped me out...*giggle*

  5. Oooh my goodness I love these pictures!!!

  6. I love the Alice photo, Beyonce and Lyle .... hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  7. My friend posted these on FB today! They're lovely :)

    My favourites are the Wicked Stepmother of Snow White and Cinderella (prob cos I'm a Scarlett Johansson fan!)

  8. These pictures are gorgeous. Fully of creativity and amazement. But then again, it's not that surprising coming from Annie, she's such a talented photographer. All her editorials are classics. I really think that she shoots the best editorials in the world :)


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