Monday, April 4, 2011

The IT Guy

My boyfriend is an IT manager at a major movie studio here in Los Angeles. He helps keep the company's networks running smoothly (from America to Europe to Asia and Latin America), and he can fix pretty much any computer disaster that comes his way. He's the go-to guy for the company's VP's and VIP's. He's amazing!

It's true that when you're in IT, everyone and their mother comes to you for computer advice. After years of doling out free computer fixes to those closest to him, he has decided to extend his computer savviness to the rest of us non-geeks ;)

For $15 (payable via Paypal), he will clean up a slow-running and/or virus infested computer by talking you through the basic steps, the industry tricks and tips, and pointing you in the direction of awesome free software to keep your machine in tip-top shape. He will also advise you on which RAM to purchase for the fastest running computer possible for your make and model, and will talk you through the installation if you choose to go that route.

If you were to use Best Buy's "Geek Squad", you could expect to pay $100 and up. Their prices are practically criminal! A true computer expert should be able to quickly and efficiently breeze through these sorts of fixes, and it doesn't warrant a fee that high.

The reason for his sudden decision to offer this as a service is because he is paying for school and could use the funds for classes and equipment (he's earning a Masters in Orchestration for Film & Television). So, if you find your computer to be extra slow or think you may have a nasty virus or are infested with spyware and pop-ups, check him out for a win-win situation! He'll fix your computer, and you'll be helping him through school :)

Shoot him an email at if you have any questions, and feel free to follow him on Twitter as well. He's just about the nicest guy you'll ever meet :)


  1. That is awesome! I'll have to keep him in mind :)

  2. funny how if your field has anything to do with technology you become the go-to person haha :) and thanks for the comment, i love your blog!

    the daily nook

  3. oh that's great! i'm totally keeping him in mind. we just had a virus on our computer that we eventually took care of ourselves, but it took us a couple weeks and was such a huge ordeal. next time, i'm emailing him right away.


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