Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tickled Pink

I've always wanted to spend a long weekend in Carmel, CA. As I was having a virtual daydream today, I came across the Tickled Pink Inn. Wouldn't it be lovely to drink champagne at sunrise, overlooking the ocean from this deck?


  1. ummmm YES! That looks like heaven right there

  2. Can I come too??? That looks incredible!!! :O)

  3. wow, i've stayed in carmel before, but never in a place like this! just beautiful.

  4. your virtual dream became my new day dream.

  5. wow quite glamorous. i wouldn't mind staying there myself. haha yes, i think i wouldn't mind that at all.

    i'm your newest follower and SO glad i happened upon your blog. it's fabulous! would love it if you visited my blog and maybe even followed back if you'd like. we'd really love to have you around!

    <3, kandice


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