Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couch Exercises for TV Junkies

I'm a complete TV junkie. It's terrible, but I love it so! If I were to give you the rundown on all the shows I watch, you'd assume that I have no life. In my defense, though, I do multitask while tuning into "my stories" ;)

One of my awesome multitasking actions is what I deem "couch exercises" and I'm wondering who else partakes in them. If I'm feeling especially restless (or guilty) while sitting in front of the TV, I start moving my body until I find forgotten muscles that need a stretch. I also do arm circles, leg lifts and even squats during commercials! These sporadic movements make it okay for me to keep up with:

House | Bones | Castle | How I Met Your Mother | Sister Wives | Community | Outsourced
30 Rock | A Game of Thrones | Californication | Mad Love | Body of Proof
America's Next Top Model | Glee | Raising Hope | The Middle
Modern Family | Happy Endings | Fringe
Cougar Town

(And that's not including the off-season shows, such as Dexter and Breaking Bad)

That may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that my boyfriend is in school and we spend a lot of time at home doing homework and being (blec) responsible. So long as I keep up with the couch exercises, I think it's okay!


  1. Hahaha I love it! The busier my life gets, the more I love tv. Such a great escape. I don't watch any of the shows you listed, but I do watch: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, American Idol, One Tree Hill, The Voice, Teen Mom, and Jersey Shore. CLASSY, right?? :)

  2. Oh my goodness I did this SUNDAY night and I'm still sore! I was watching the Real Housewives of OC (guilty!) and I justified it by doing some squats, lunges, etc not thinking it'll do much. Boy was I wrong! But now I'm a bit motivated not to just sit through my favorite TV shows and maybe I'll do a little sculpting in the meantime :)

  3. totally!! i have been doing the 30 day shred for so long now that i have all the exercises memorized and how many of each i can do in 30 seconds. so now, instead of listening to jillian say "don't hone it in" for the 50 millionth time {ugh}, i just watch tv so i'm distracted from the pain and boredom. i love it! other times i feel like i've watched tv too much, but instead of turning it off, i just hula hoop for 20 minutes whilst watching tv and call it even.

  4. You girls rock! I'm inspired: time to pull the hula hoop out of the closet! (yes, I have one!)

  5. Absolutely inspirational!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  6. i multitask in front of the tv too, although i watch less series and more documentaries. i usually combine it with doing manicure and pedicure or ironing my clothes.

  7. good advice- I don't own a TV and don't plan to, so I still need to go to the gym- HA! :)

  8. hehe I watch 6 of those shows that you list.. of course I have to catch up on all of them during the weekends, but its ok. I love doing the couch exercise haha


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