Friday, May 27, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go to the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs and I would bring Joe for some much needed couple time after the long, crummy weeks that we've been having.

2. Something I often rant about is my leather dining chairs that the darling cats have scratched to shreds :(

3. One item I need to have in my fridge at all times is fat-free pepperoni. It's the best snack!

4. My "life-saving" product is Bed Head's Catwalk. It smells great, tames my friz and protects my hair from the flat iron!

5. A friend is someone who just gets it ... whatever the "it" is. You know you have a great friend when you don't really need to finish sentences to get your point across. They're in your head :)

6. If I could write my own blank it would be "what is your favorite adult beverage, and where is the perfect place to enjoy it?"

7. My favorite kind of art is photography. I love what Photoshop has done for the medium. I spend so much of my free time hopping from photography site to photography site, as well as planning future portfolio projects for myself!


  1. Oh gosh, pepperoni! Pepperoni is such an amazing snack!

    As for your blank! I'd say Absinthe, with a sugar cube. Perfect place? Our basement apartment with the black lights on and our floor lamp with the red "rave" bulb in! So relaxing. ^_^

  2. We're big on Absinthe here! We have a little collection of spoons going. One day I'd love to buy an awesome Absinthe fountain :)

  3. Favorite beverage? It's always been water haha

  4. I'm a new follower! :)

  5. Oooh, my favourite adult beverage has got to be a gin and tonic, enjoyed in the evening, in the backyard, with friends.

  6. Number 6: Jack Daniels and Cola! Woot and in the pub with friends - when it's not too busy so that you can hear yourself talk (unlike today when it was just so busy and so loud that we couldn't hear ourselves properly)


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