Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kirstie Alley Rocked Us All

{via Pacific Coast News - (February 2011 and May 2011)}

When I was a little girl, I thought that Kirstie Alley was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had gorgeous eyes that made me want ultra light contacts when I grew up, and her spunk definitely spoke to me. It actually made me sad when she began gaining weight. I felt like I lost a role model- not because she wasn't thin anymore, but because it seemed like she gave up on herself.

That being said, I'm so proud of her for taking back her health and her body through this season of Dancing with the Stars! I don't watch the show, but I did follow the news stories about Kirstie throughout the season.

I haven't heard what her total weight loss is (it was at 60 lbs a month ago), but I do know that she lost 38 inches! Just wow! From the interview clips that I've seen, she seems to be truly happy about her transformation and plans to forge on until she hits her old size 2 and feels healthy again. I guess she really is my hero :)

*By the way, did you know that Kirstie is 60 years old?! I never would have guessed!


  1. I agree. I have been keeping update with her and she is amazing. She is also beauitful and I am so very much proud and happy for her (:

  2. what?! shut up - 60?! wow, she looks incredible regardless of weight.

  3. I used to LOVE her when I was a kid too! I was so glad when she was chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars so of course I had to watch every week! She did amazing and was so motivated to lose weight every week - it was really inspiring. And to top it off, she really shocked and wowed everyone by how great at dancing she is! I was so glad she got to stay till the very end :)

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