Monday, May 23, 2011

Woes and Bachelorette Pads

Joe and I have been dating for almost 8 years, yet I feel like I don't have a boyfriend at all anymore. He commutes for roughly 2 hours each day, on top of his 9 hour work day. That was crummy enough. Now, he is being made to work midnight to 9:00am. All of this is amplified by the fact that I work from home- a home that feels so empty now.

This means that he goes to work when I'm getting ready for bed, and he goes to sleep when I'm waking up. Sure, we get a couple of hectic hours together where I'm rushing to make him a late dinner and he's rushing to get ready to leave for work ... but I'm basically back to being a single girl- or so it feels.

I've been looking at my home in a new way. I didn't have my own bachelorette pad for very long before we started dating, and eventually moved into a new place together. Now that I'm spending all this time alone at home, I kind of think that I should "Jen" it up a bit more. But sadly, here's the reality: what good is a bachelorette pad when all of your friends have small children that need to be tended to?

Alas, I'm in a state of flux.


  1. Oh Jen, of all the rotten scheduling...that's awful! My boyfriend and I have lived together for only around six months, and don't tell, but sometimes I long for a bachelorette pad. And I know what you mean about friends being in different places in their lives. Boy do I know! Hopefully, Joe's schedule will change and you two will get some more time together, but in the meantime, Jen-ing it up a bit might make you smile. :)

  2. Oh Honey....I feel your pain. The Commander used to be gone for hours on end too....he too had a 2 hour commute each day and that sucks eggs!!


  3. You guys aren't ready to get married and make a change for your couplehood? I can understand that, but how difficult...


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