Thursday, June 23, 2011

Damart Shopping!

I've had this terrible fashion issue that's been plaguing me for awhile now. I seem to own oddly shaped sweaters and blouses which require a different type of bra for each one. Just when I think I own every bra under the sun, I find another outfit that won't work unless I rush out for a new undergarment!

This happened to me last week and I have to admit, I had a mini meltdown! As you may have noticed, last week was insane for me with my anniversary, my youngest brother's graduation, my other brother's birthday and then Father's Day. Four events in need of four outfits.

I have this lovely 1950's-style polka dotted shirt that has a bit of a "sweetheart" neckline, and every bra I tried on offered some sort of strappy peek. When I attempted a strapless option, I found that you could see the outline a little too perfectly. There was no way I could make it work, so I ended up choosing a less flattering top and unhappily moved on.

Since then, though, it's been my mission to find a bra to fit that shirt. I happened upon a UK-based clothing store called Damart and searched their ladies underwear until I found the perfect solution: their Crescent Wire Bra. It's sleek, simple and offers the perfect cut. I love their prices and am thinking of placing a big order for my upcoming Washington trip!

Which items do you like best?

P.S. I love the dress pictured above! It matches my troublesome shirt ;)

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