Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please Be Awesome

Talk about "June Gloom" ... my hopes of wearing my new Ruche dress today were dashed by the chilled wind and grey skies. I have to admit, I'm still in pajamas. Blogger problems, right?

How are you acclimating to June?


  1. Oh dear. I know the feeling - except that we're having a heat emergency (+ terrible air) in DC. Maybe it's hump-day probs? Here's hoping we both coast the rest of the week into, well, awesomeness. I have some lovely new tweeps & that helps, actually.

    Cheers, ♥♥♥s & xoxo

    Susan & Julie the Cat

  2. I'm acclimating to it by staying in my pajamas and cuddling my cat, and knitting when she's not trying to eat the yarn. Why do I get the feeling that I can relate to your post very, very strongly?

    --Julie (...the human, not the cat):)

  3. Here in Greece is extremely hot,I wish I could spend the whole June lying on the beach but there is this bad thing called exams :/

  4. I just returned from Turkey where we had temps in the 80s and I loved it and now it's 50 degrees and I'm freezing and not liking it all. So June, yes, you better be awesome!!!!

  5. Julie, I happen to have 2 cats at my feet right now! We're quite a bit alike ;)

    Rania, I would love to visit Greece one day. Good luck with your exams!

    Selma, Turkey sounds wonderful! I hope you had an amazing trip :)


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