Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Northwest Adventure

I'm back from my impromptu hiatus! As you may remember, I had a fashion series planned for my recent trip to the great Northwest. Well, everything went askew on the blog and I didn't have an internet connection for the 2 weeks that I was away. A new fashion series will go live next week!

Until then, I'll post some photos from my "unplugged" trip :)

{Babb, Montana- population 225}

{Tiny restaurants in Idaho}

{Storms and double rainbows}

{Mountain goats}

{Blue ribbon winning alpaca farms}

{Gorgeous rivers}

{The tastiest coffee shop!}

{Glacier National Park- Montana}

{Riverfront Park- Washington}

{Roadside entertainment}

{Tiny cabins without bathrooms}

{Smogless skies}

{Serene wheat fields}

{My internet-less pastime}


  1. Oh, what a wonderful trip. I know this must have been so relaxing. I've always wanted to tour the West, and I appreciate it when other people share their pictures with us. Thanks!

  2. You MUST make a trip this way! It was a gorgeous and relaxing getaway!

  3. i wish i could go there too! and thumbs up for GRRM! :P

  4. THose pictures are amazing. Really beautiful. Hope it was amazing!


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