Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Kindle Campaign #imabzzagent

{BzzAgent SylverJen would LOVE to join the Kindle campaign!}

As you may remember from earlier posts, I was adamantly against Kindles. I love the experience of perusing bookstores, the scent of tangible books and the fun that comes with trading them once you're done reading. I had many a conversation with my dear friend, Crystal, who loves all new techy things. I argued the romance of the printed novel, and she argued the convenience of the digital novel.

Try as I might, her argument did indeed take hold and I began to crave a Kindle of my own. This craving crept in when I was trying to save money and didn't want to pay $35 for the new George R.R. Martin hardback. Rather, I could pay $14.99 and NOT have to lug around a book that was so heavy that it practically pulled my shoulder out of its socket (true story- I took this book, along with my laptop, to Washington. I could barely move my right arm after spending the day lugging my weighty carry-ons through multiple airports.)

I also craved a Kindle as I saw lots of beach dwellers pull them out of their sandy totes and read in the most carefree fashion this summer! It seems that Kindles are here to stay, and I'm officially jumping on the bandwagon.

If I had a Kindle of my very own, I'd make a mad dash to the Amazon Kindle store (I'm loving the fact that buying a book on a whim is an option now!) and fill my online shopping cart with these gems:
I once read an article which talked about the tech devises that every girl should carry in her purse. The list included a smartphone, iPad and Kindle. My purse may not be big enough to hold an iPad, but it would certainly hold a Kindle! I'd carry it with me to the various coffee shops and cafes that I frequent ...

on picnics ...

to the hockey games that I get dragged to (basketball is much more my sport), on the train and in the car when I'm a passenger, to book club meetings and, of course, to the beach.

So here's my new philosophy on tangible books vs Kindle books:


  1. yay!!!! :) :) :) So proud of you!! :) :) :)

  2. I originally felt like that when the kindle first came out, but have it for 2 years now and love it. PS. Got a seller that can get most new books for $1.00.

  3. Great books! I am going to hold out from getting any kind of e-reader for as long as I can because I simply can't give up on real books or having a library :)

  4. you've just about sold me on kindle - have to buy
    cooking for geeks - audacity of hope is better
    than I thought.

  5. I love my Kindle--and that's saying a lot because I'm not just a reader--but a book lover. I love the way they feel, smell, etc. If you do decide to buy an e-reader do get a Kindle and not a Nook. Nook's glare and are hard to read in sunlight whereas Kindles don't. I sit out on the deck and read mine all the time.


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