Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Fashion Series- Effie's Heart

Classic. Radical. Modern. Practical. These are all words to describe Effie's Heart, an online clothing boutique that is moving its way into stores across the country! With models reminiscent of rockabilly dolls, you can't help but want to dance your way into their clothing.

I stocked my summer wardrobe with their Windsor dress, Berry Print Bloomsbury tee and Liverpool skirt. Each piece fit like it was tailor-made for me, even though it wasn't. That's the magic of Effie's Heart - their fabrics, cuts and seams meld to any body type.

The Berry Print Bloomsbury tee was the biggest hit amongst my friends, family and even strangers! People threw compliments my way every time I wore it out. Not only does the tee fit beautifully, but its addition of rosettes and leafs are most eye-catching!

With Fall on my heels, I'm looking to throw some flowy skirts into the mix. As luck would have it, Effie's Heart recently released their Bellini and Seven Year skirts. They'll be perfectly gorgeous (and comfortable) for my seasonal Disneyland adventures!

You can find more of Effie's Heart on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.

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