Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer Fashion Series- Mata Traders

{Uptown dress- Mad Men meets Gossip Girl}

When I first moved out on my own, I was obsessed with Moroccan decor. I loved the oranges and reds, the intricate designs and hand-dyed textures. Now, almost 9 years later, I'm obsessed with Mata Traders!

Mata Traders is a fair trade fashion line, started by best friends Maureen and Michelle, that buys handmade clothing and accessories from women in India and Nepal. With a fabulous motto: "Change the world - start with your closet", we can all feel good about splurging on ourselves when shopping with Mata Traders!

The clothing is made with care and depicts intricate detailing. Each piece is created by a team of women who pour their talent into every stitch and seam. My most prized dress in my entire closet is this "Lola" dress - it's been a summer staple and its Autumn tones will carry it into the following season:

I encourage each of you to visit the website and read the beautiful fair trade stories which paint a picture of empowered women and a co-op of economic liberation that radiates from Maureen and Michelle. It's truly amazing!

You can also find Mata Traders on Facebook.

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