Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Fashion Series- Tulle

{Current wishlist item: Black Bow Tie Dress}

{Current wishlist item: Lace Trip Top}

{Current wishlist item: Birch Cardigan}

Some days start off on a low note. It could be due to a freelancer's lack of sleep, a rotten phone call or a sheer case of the unexplainable blahs. I'm not one for sitting around and allowing a rough start to take hold of my entire day. These are the days where I throw on some Parisian music, brew a cup of jasmine tea and pull a vintage-inspired dress from my closet. Fashion is always the best cure!

My favorite clothing line to brighten my day is Tulle! The clothing transforms me from a frazzled on-the-go girl into a cool, calm and collected doll- at least, that's how I feel in their pieces. I adore clothing that evokes feeling.

I've used this summer to embrace clothing that brings me joy, and I'm so pleased that I've found Tulle! This isn't a mere summer fling, though. I'll be back for Fall and Winter wear soon enough!

{I wear the Flutter Sleeve Dress when my soul feels the need for a peaceful day in the gardens}

{The Sleeveless Pansies Dress is the fashion equivalent to a cup of coffee! I choose this one when I need to feel good about being in "work mode"}

{This City Lights Dress has been a staple for warm romantic summer nights, usually spent cliff-side at a favorite local restaurant or at Starbucks}

{Last, but most certainly not least, is my dearest Gunmetal Sweater Wrap which follows me wherever I go. In fact, I just gave it a loving glance ;) It's truly the most perfect warming layer with it's cozy plushness, but cool enough with it's short sleeves to be a summertime favorite.}

You can find Tulle on their website, Facebook and Twitter!


  1. I am crazy about their Mod Sleeveless Sweater Dress. It would be fun to wear with white go-go boots!

  2. I'm in LOVE with your wish list picks! Good taste girl.

  3. Love the tie blouse so sweet with a little boyish touch. Have a great Labor Day.

  4. Wow that first dress is sooo cute! It's exactly my style.

  5. Oooh, I love the black bowtie dress. It's so cute.
    And the cardigan is lovely. I never wear nice sweaters, but that could make me wear them.


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