Thursday, October 20, 2011

30th Birthday Freak Out

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It's taken me a little over a week to talk about the thing that I had been dreading since last year: turning 30. It was a difficult milestone for me and my neurotic side came out in full force. I analyzed every aspect of my life and how I got to the place where I now stand. Long story short, I've chilled out a bit and am back to functioning like a reasonably normal human being ;)

Every friend and family-centric plan that I had leading up to my birthday fell through, so I took off to Las Vegas for a few days. I happened upon the perfect Groupon deal for the hotel that I had already been planning on staying at, so I super scored on the room rate: $138 for 2 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel, plus a $50 dining credit, $50 slot credit and 4 drink vouchers!

*Those drink vouchers ended up flooring me by the end of my birthday.

**If you're not a member of Groupon yet, please let me know and I'll send you an invitation link (or you can click here). You don't need a referral to sign up, but I get a $10 account credit when anyone uses my referral link, so I would be ever so grateful to anyone who would use it!

Anyway, the room was to die for! Granted, we had a lot of complaints in terms of housekeeping and room service, but the room itself was amazing! We're talking a Supreme King Suite with the most amazing bed - it was loaded with plush designer bedding which made for the best sleep that I've had in years. The bathroom was perfection with the deepest tub I've ever had the pleasure of soaking in and the in-room music system with a touch screen built into the wall was a fantastic addition!

{Supreme King Suite @ Rock Rock Hotel & Casino}

My actual birthday consisted of a morning phone call to my mom, which is a very important tradition of mine. I've always felt that birthdays are the true Mother's Days. I had lunch at the hotel, gambled a bit, made my way to the Wynn for an elderflower-infused Strawberry & Grapefruit Collins at the Parasol Up Parasol Down bar (YUM!) and then realized that I had a bit of a body high. No, not a tipsy body high - a fevery body high.

{Strawberry & Grapefruit Collins}

I thought that food may help, so I skipped over to the Bellagio for their supposedly amazing buffet (not so amazing). I barely made it through dinner and decided that I had to table the birthday festivities and lay down. Back at the hotel, I had a little pity party as I admitted to myself that I had a cold/flu and that the birthday trip was ruined. My boyfriend felt terrible about the turn of events and persuaded me to suck it up and try to party for the sake of having memories to take home.

After picking myself up off the floor (it seemed like a good place to collapse when I got back to the room earlier) and loading up on meds, I piled on the makeup and donned a sweater for maximum comfort. We decided to stay at our hotel's casino in case I hit a wall and wanted to head back to bed.

{Rallying for our night out - Joe was a little more into it than I was}

After my first drink, I felt much better. My second drink made me feel semi-normal. My third took away most of my pain. And then we stumbled upon 2am happy hour. Oops! Our particular bartender was overly generous with the alcohol-to-mixer ratio and gave us doubles of everything we ordered. This led to the best shopping trip a sick-drunk-30 year old girl could ask for ...

We stopped in a store at the hotel to pick up some eye drops to combat the smoke irritation that Vegas bestows upon its visitors. In this store, I discovered a wall of Butter London nail polish! I'm pretty sure I squealed out loud. After who knows how long of going back and forth trying to decide which color to take home, I tipsily decided that it's my party and I'll splurge if I want to ... to the tune of British Racing Green, Chimney Sweep and Dosh.

{Butter London nail polish}

Feeling sufficiently celebrated, I headed back to the room just in time for my world to start spinning. I woke up late, had a killer hangover and a full-blown flu. But looking back on the photos from that night, it really was worth it :)

Now I'm back to reality with a couple of new writing gigs and am busy, busy, busy. This year should prove to be interesting. If I had to guess, I'd say that we'll be moving from our little condo into a house within 6 months, which will take Haute Whimsy to such great heights! Open spaces mean opportunities for better photos, DIY projects and recipes to try my hand at. I can't wait!


  1. Strawberry grapefruit Collins sounds amazing!!!!!

  2. That room looks fantastic! I stayed at the Wynn last time I was in Vegas, I think their buffet was better than Bellagio's. Arg! You're giving me that Vegas itch! Er, not that kind.

  3. Happy late birthday! I'm turning 30 in December, and I am totally starting to freak out about it! I don't even have a boyfriend! AND I'm moving to a new country where I don't have friends! Ack. Anyway, I love that you splurged on the nail polish! And I agree that birthdays are the real mother's days. I was born at 5:30am, and my mother and I always have a phone call at 5:30am in whatever time zone I'm in.

  4. Liv, it's definitely worth the splurge! I almost decided to stay in the room the entire time and just order room service so I could enjoy every moment in either the bed or the amazing tub!

    I've had the Wynn lunch buffet before, and even that was better than the Bellagio dinner buffet. I would love to try the Wynn dinner buffet. Next time, for sure.

    Everyone deserves a Vegas trip here and there. There are some amazing deals right now, so think about treating yourself :)

  5. Eliza, where are you moving to? I have a friend who's a master and picking up and starting fresh - she'll know nobody from a city, but will move there and find a new job and try every new thing that she can. It's amazing to watch. She's much more brave than I am. I'm so proud of you :)

    30 hasn't been all that different so far - the angst is completely self-inflicted, lol. And after reading about your phone calls to your mom, I think we really must be kindred spirits!


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