Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect who builds her own boarding school where I teach English and moonlight as a children's book author and sell those books in the bookstore that I own when I grew up.

2. As an adult, my dream job would be exactly what I am now - a freelance writer, although making millions, of course ;)

3. When I was younger I wanted to be just like my mom ... and Madonna!

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was I was Big Bird. Who's brilliant idea was that???

5. My favorite childhood toy was anything tiny. I got such a kick out of Polly Pockets and anything fairy related.

6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I (haha, I was just talking to my mom about this yesterday) cut my own hair and called my dad a bastard when he played "keep away" with my new Disneyland toys. I rationalized the name calling because I heard my mom call him that!

7. I get daily inspiration from Twitter and music.


  1. Ha-ha, oh big bird and cuss words.. gotta be the best time ever! Seriously though, is it not the funniest thing when kids curse?

  2. oh my gosh i loved polly pockets! in my day they had character ones, so i remember having a lion king polly pocket. it was the coolest thing ever. found you through the followers fest :)

  3. omg, just kidding, i found you through fill in the blank, lol. either way, cute blog :)

  4. I loved polly pocket and puppy in my pocket and all those itty bitty plastic toys! I bed they're still in my mom's garage, backyard and perhaps in the air conditioning vents (ours were on the floor and I used to like putting toys down them... oops) I definitely want to go excavate now! They were all SO cute and SO tiny!!!!

    Happy Friday!
    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  5. That's awesome! I hope you find them!!!


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