Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on Baby, Light My Kindle Fire!

I've been heartbroken since the closing of Borders and haven't bought a book since the one I mentioned in my HelloGiggles article. I've been moping around in a bookless state, all the while contemplating the purchase of a Kindle. Amazon is my favorite intangible bookstore, so I finally decided to buy one.

I had a choice of the original Kindle at $79, the Kindle Keyboard at $139 or the new Kindle Fire at $199. Seeing as how I've been wanting an iPad 2 all year but don't want to break the bank, I decided to get the Fire!!!

Not only is it $300 cheaper than the iPad 2, but it's smaller and almost half the weight (purse-friendly!), has higher pixel density (to the relief of my ridiculously poor eyesight), can access more content and supports Flash, has stereo rather than mono speakers (which means a much cooler movie streaming experience which I'm planning on taking full advantage of), AND (hee hee) I can lend books to my friends using the Kindle "lending library" which sounds like so much fun!

My new little Kindle Fire should be arriving any day now! Tell me, do you have a Kindle? And if so, which one? What do you like/not like about it?


  1. I understand and sympathise with your dismay at the Borders closure. I know how I would feel. I shall watch, see how you take to your Kindle Fire.

  2. Hope you enjoy it much.

    Myself, don't have any of those items. I prefer to read books. And being older, we use our Public Library System. It's quite extensive, gives us lots and lots of selections, and we pay for it with our taxes, anyway. :-)

    We have about all the books we need, and don't often buy one now, unless necessary. We do love, love, love our library. :-)

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  3. I'm definitely a hybrid of old and new. I love tangible books more than words can say, and I will continue to buy the ones that enhance my home collection! I can't deny the convenience of Kindles and travel, though.

  4. YAY! I love the Fire! Get your read on :)

  5. I've been wanting an iPad 2 more than a Kindle, but after this, I may change my mind :)

    hope you enjoy it!


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