Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cocktail Culture

I love tea; I love soda; I love cocktails! Because of this, I'm pretty sure I have a new obsession: The Lounging Gourmet's line of elixirs. You can make incredibly unique drinks using their mixers, and from the sound of the flavor names I think magic is to be had!

When I was in Las Vegas for my 30th birthday, I had the most amazing floral cocktail at the "Parasol Up Parasol Down" bar at the Wynn. I've been craving a remake and I think the following elixirs just may do the trick:

  • Elixir of Damascan Rose
  • Elixir of Antillean Hibiscus
  • Elixir of English Lavender
  • Elixir of Andean Fire Orchid

The website provides recipes for Lavender Storm, Cold Winter Nights, The Lounging Lavender, A Modern (Rose) Cosmopolitan and Lava Lamp. I adore rose flavoring, so I'd definitely go with the Cosmo! Which one strikes your fancy?


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