Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fall Asleep and Lose Weight with Roasted Nutmeg Hazelnuts

I have a confession ...

Last week I told you about the late-night snack cure: Bilberry tea. It truly does work, but I'm a mindless snacker while I watch TV which is exactly what I like to do before I go to bed. The Bilberry tea killed the hunger cravings, but I still wanted the comforting experience of munching while catching up on guilty pleasure shows that I have to hide on the DVR until my boyfriend goes to work. It's my "me time" and even though I finally could put down the nighttime snacks, I didn't want to.

I knew that I had to be strategic about what I ate. I didn't want to just eat things that weren't bad for me; I want to eat things that would actually help me to lose weight. Yep, I wanted to eat my weight away, which is actually possible.

So, I've found some awesome healthy late-night snacks that I want to share with you. I eat these for fun now, not because I'm hungry like I used to be before Bilberry.

*My late-night snacks are low in fat and contain ingredients that are proven to promote sleep. I have such a difficult time sleeping sometimes, and so far so good since the start of the Whimsy Diet! Here's one of my new favorites ...

Roasted Nutmeg Hazelnuts
(90 calories)
  • 10 shelled hazelnuts
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

Pre-heat oven to 350°. Arrange nuts on a cookie sheet and roast for 5 minutes. Transfer nuts to a bowl and toss with spices to coat. Spices will stick quite well due to the oils in the heated nuts.

*Hazelnuts contain Tryptophan which aids in sleep; Nutmeg mimics the effect of Serotonin, which also aids in sleep (use sparingly because large amounts of nutmeg can be toxic); Cinnamon creates a thermogenic burn that increases your metabolism.

This little snack is easy, fun, helps me sleep and burns stored fat while I sleep. Magical!


  1. that is soo cool. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a yummy snack

  2. wow that sounds like a great snack. And I did not know about the bilberry tea; I will have to definitely try that. I have been seriously dieting this week and am soooo hungry.

    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  3. The bilberry tea is awesome! It has REALLY helped me!

  4. sounds delicious , never heard of this one before .

  5. These hazelnuts sound yummy. How long will they keep? Should they be stored in the refrigerator? I'd love to try them. Thanks!

  6. I really don't know how long they'd keep since I only make a few at a time and eat them right away! I'd imagine several weeks if placed in an airtight container :)

  7. This food burns fat while we are sleeping?!!
    How amazing! I like any kind of nuts, but I don't know that we can eat this before we sleep! :))
    I have to try your tips, thanks anyway :)

  8. I really did not know that Nutmeg Hazelnuts could help me Lose Weight!!! WoW! I will try it for sure!!!

  9. This sounds soooo good and so easy! And, just so you know, hazelnuts are also called filberts. But I like to call them phylberts. :)

  10. These are my go-to for pretty much all ailments these days - when I need to sleep, when I need fuel on the go ... they're so yummy!

  11. WOW this sounds so delicious!! Can you buy hazelnuts at the grocery store? I've actually never looked for them but I sure will now! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I get mine from a health food store in their bulk dried goods section, but you can get filberts at any chain grocery store (in their shell though).


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