Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Been a Long Week

{one of my favorites ... bummer that it's blurry}

Hi everyone :) I want to check in really quick to explain my little absence. My sweet dog, Buffy, is very ill and I've been spending as much time with her as possible while I still can. She's pretty much the love of my life (sorry, Joe) and it has been extremely painful and draining to watch her decline over the past few weeks. Tough choices are on the table and decisions have to be made within the next day or so.

For those of you who are animal lovers, I'm sure you can relate to the deep love one has for their pet. Buffy has been a part of my family for almost 12 years and is more in tune with us humans than any animal I've ever known before. She truly is a member of my family and there is a lot of grief to deal with in the coming days.

I will close the current giveaways as soon as possible and will try to resume posts later this week.

Thank you for understanding


  1. So sorry to hear that. :-( Enjoy the time while you can...

  2. So sorry to hear about this! Hope you are hanging in there. Big hugs. xo

  3. Huge, HUGE hugs!!! I totally empathize with you. xx


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