Monday, March 5, 2012

Shrink Fat with a Whimsical Organic Drink

To kick off the lifestyle change, I'll be incorporating 2 cups of Pu-erh tea each morning. This magical brew contains an enzyme that actually shrinks fat cells. I absolutely love tea as it is, so this is a delightful addition to my morning routine. It's naturally sweet so I don't feel the need to add sugar.

*If you insist that all teas need sugar, I suggest honey, raw sugar (I love the texture!) or coconut sugar.

I've been purchasing my teas from Mountain Rose Herbs for years because they offer organic products at mindbogglingly cheap prices. Pu-erh tea comes from eastern China and is typically a high cost tea. I could have paid almost $10 for a little box of 16 tea bags from a popular tea brand carried at my local grocery store, but instead I paid $20 for 1lb and have enough Pu-erh to last ... well, quite a long time!

If you're fretting right about now over the idea of downing a bunch of liquid before a work commute, you can also try a Pu-erh supplement like this.

This is a small change that any of us can make, so grab your favorite tea cup and get to brewing. Tomorrow, I'll be introducing a lunchtime tea that does something even more amazing than this!

P.S. I bought 4 tea wands to have on hand. At $2.25 each, I had to stock up! I've found these mesh teaspoons to be the easiest way to brew a cup and, honestly, they're just kind of fun to use!

P.P.S. It's said that Pu-erh tea is a phenomenal hangover cure, so I know what I'll be drinking the day after St. Patrick's Day ;)

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