Monday, March 5, 2012

The Whimsy Diet: Prologue

{via Cygne Noir}

As promised, we start the Whimsy Diet today. It's actually not a diet, per se; it's a lifestyle. An awesome lifestyle full of teas and brownies and truly delicious foods. We're not starving ourselves. We're not spending hours at the gym sweating in front of other sweaty, judgmental strangers. We're going to play like the children we once were and eat and drink fantastically throughout the day!

But as I plan this little weight loss adventure, I also have to reflect on what got me to this 15 pound excess point. I'm betting that many of you can relate ...

  • I went from being a single girl to a committed relationship girl, which changed my eating habits. All of a sudden my world was full of dinner dates which always led to coffee and dessert.
  • Then I went from living on my own to cohabiting with my guy, which meant that out and about date nights eventually turned into movie nights on the couch.
  • I used to have a job where I chased children around and traveled from classroom to classroom all day long. After an injury that left me at less than 100%, I had to change my career path. I chose to follow my dream and become a writer, but that led me to a much more sedentary work-at-home lifestyle.
  • And, of course, with a "starving artist" income I just haven't had the funds to go out and do the active things that I used to do. Also, as many of us know, healthy food costs more than the unhealthy processed food. My cabinets have been full of crap for quite some time (But I recently found a way to change that! I'll let you in on my secret soon.) and needed a serious overhaul.

So, in the span of 8 years I've gained 15 pounds. Not bad considering the lifestyle changes that have come my way. But I miss the old me. The light and springy me who had boundless energy and actually had FUN buying clothes.

I'm so excited to start the Whimsy Diet and see where it takes me. I hope you'll join in, too!


  1. I know first hand how the events in your life can change your lifestyle. Eating dinners with my family is a lot different than when I was single. SO is the amount of sleep I get. Good luck with your diet.

  2. Sounds like you're on the right track! Enjoy yourself, enjoy your food and the 15 lbs will fall off...

  3. I need to excercise. I've heard that chasing chickens, small children and cars doesn't do much for one's weight. Therefore, I hereby resolve to do one sit-up a day.....getting up in the morning, that's half.

    I lay down at night, that's the other half.

  4. by the way, I love the graphic at the beginning. I'd like to snag it if you don't mind....?

  5. Haha! Dolly, you're so funny! Go ahead and snag whatever you'd like :) I just ask that you credit the original source. I always link back to the originator, so you can check out the Cygne Noir Etsy shop for the full-sized image :)

  6. You write so well Jen! Like I'm listening to you right now. Here's me giving you a high five and all the encouragement for a successful project! :)


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