Friday, April 27, 2012

My Day of Free Shopping at Old Navy

I'm a member of a WONDERFUL website called Crowdtap. It's a marketing platform where members get to give input to brands like Old Navy, Pinkberry, Woolite, Toyota and more. The brands actually listen, which is awesome, and the member get redeemable points that can be cashed in for awesome gift cards like Amazon and Dermstore (which is what I like to cash mine in for because they carry my expensive makeup - I'm actually just about to cash in my points for $200 worth of Dermstore gift cards)!

Anyway, Crowdtap also has special events for some members called Hosted Parties. I've done two of these so far; one for Pinkberry where I was able to have an in-store frozen yogurt party with my friends, and now an in-store Old Navy party with my friends. The brands and Crowdtap foot the bill, and we get free stuff that we can talk about and share with others!

This month I threw the in-store Old Navy party where I, along with three guests, got to choose a "bottom" (jeans, capris, shorts or a skirt) and a pair of shoes for free! My job was to choose three guests who were influential and would tell their friends about their experience. Once I chose my girls, we were off to the store to shop, play and walk away free goodies!

I decided to make it interesting by giving each of the guests an index card upon entering the store. The cards read "Beach Bunny", "Country Girl" and "The Boss". I challenged my friends to choose their bottoms and shoes according to the theme on their card (I matched the theme to each girl as best as I could to make sure she walked away with something that she'd really like).

We went our separate ways and met back up at the dressing room half an hour later (we also gave ourselves time to check out all of the other clothes in the store!). Here's that everyone chose:

We took turns showing off our outfits, narrowed down our perfect sizes (we loved the fact that Old Navy carries "short", "regular" and "tall") and took our loot to the registers. 

The Old Navy employees had absolutely no idea what we were doing or why we had coupons for all of this free stuff. They looked at us a little skeptically as our total reached a staggering $0.00 for 4 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of shoes! I explained that we were working with Crowdtap (which they had never heard of), but seeing as how our coupons were from corporate they just shooed us along and away we went!

In honor of Crowdtap, my friends and I made a stop at Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt as we rehashed our awesome shopping trip!

*Here's the referral link if you'd like to join, too!


  1. This sounds freaking amazing! I'm going to look into it!

  2. You'll love it! I've been a member for several months now and have only gotten these two parties (I applied for more but was either too late to the table or didn't qualify), but when I do get them it's AWESOME ... and I really do it for the points! My favorite makeup is $45-$60 per thing, and I can get it free now thanks to Crowdtap's points and gift card redemption! I'm a happy girl :)

  3. I am going to have to check this website out! Sounds so fun! Thanks for the referral :) Also so glad to have found your blog... new follower!

  4. Aww, thanks Michelle! I'm so glad you have you as a follower here :) Crowdtap is awesome! Have fun!!!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to Crowdtap!! I wish more actions would pop up! It seems slow now that I completed all of the quick hits. How do you apply for parties?

    Since you've redeemed for dermstore gift cards are they true gift cards that you can use WITH promos? I have a $25 off $50 purchase promo code that would go smashingly with the gift cards.

  6. Hi Sarah! It does seems to slow down after that first rush of quick hits, but they give you more pretty much every day. Some days are better than others, but those points still add up fast!

    You'll get an email letting you know about party opportunities. It's first come, first serve so I suggest logging in as much as you can because you never really know how much lag time their emails have. It's definitely better to apply for a party as soon as it pops up on the site!

    As for the gift cards, I'm not 100% sure if your additional promotion code will work. So far I've redeemed my points for Amazon, and they email you a gift card code as your "gift card". It works flawlessly, but I can't remember if there is an option to use an additional promo code.

    I decided to save up a few more points so I could get $250 worth of Dermstore credit because I found more stuff that I want to order. I'll let you know how it works when I cash it all in :)


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