Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Hunger Games

My love for my Kindle has grown infinite amounts since I bought it almost half a year ago. I haven't done as much reading as I would have liked, but the reading that I've done has been bliss!

On the go in the car (as a passenger, of course), under the covers, at other people's houses ... my Kindle goes wherever I go. And on this Kindle lives The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Wolf Gift, countless classics, a few treasured childhood favorites, 50 Shades of Grey (not yet read, but looking oh so forward to it) and most recently The Hunger Games.

Yeah, I finally showed up. I kept putting the book on the back burner because, honestly, I was a little burnt out on the teen scene. Everyone raved about the story so I knew I would have to give it a shot at some point, but my heart feared a letdown. As the movie approached and the hype heightened, my fear deepened. There was no way The Hunger Games could live up to all of the greatness that I'd heard. No way.

Then, suddenly, my heart found a new fear: the story was going to be ruined for me by movie-goers and book spoilers! A book that I barely cared about became the most protected treasure in my little world. As "good" luck would have it, the power cord to my laptop caught fire and I was left with some extra time on my hands while waiting for my new cord to be shipped. That meant free time for giving The Hunger Games a fair shot.

Two pages in and I was HOOKED! I spent the next couple of days juggling work and reading breaks, and here I now sit having finished the book this morning. The movie will be mine tomorrow night!

I've steered clear of the movie trailer and all photo stills because I want to truly see the movie for the first time in the theatre. I haven't been this giddily excited since ... well, I really can't remember. I'm also not going to start the sequel until I've seen the movie because I don't want to have any inkling as to what happens next! Fingers crossed that the movie is as excellent as the book!


  1. I got a Nook Color the year it first came out and I still use it just as much, if not more than I did when I first got it! I love it!!! Hunger Games is awesome! I read the series when it first came out. You're lucky that you waited since you can read them back to back. I had to wait for each one! The agony!!! lol. Enjoy it!!!

  2. So have you read the other two books in the series yet? I enjoyed the books, especially because it was a nice quick read so I didn't feel like I was neglecting everything else ... too much at least ;o) I still haven't seen the movie though, WAY too many people are just raving about it being SO amazing and I feel like there is no way it can live up to that! lol So maybe once the buzz has died down, and the video is out to rent, then I'll watch it ;o)

  3. I actually just started the second book last night after the movie. The movie was seriously awful. You know how a lot of movies change huge scenes and it doesn't feel like the same book? Well, that's not the case here. Everything was virtually the same, but they stripped it of the tiny things that gave the story heart. They minimized who the characters are. They downplayed a lot of important nuances. It's not like adding those things would have taken any extra time, either, so I don't understand the reasoning behind it. They had a bad screenwriter, I guess.

    On another note, I did see a little preview for The Host!!! I can't wait for that one :)


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