Monday, May 14, 2012

Sponsored Post: Put the party back into your garden

Put the party back into your garden

As the Great British summer seems to get shorter and shorter with every passing year, we’re inclined to try and take advantage of the few short weeks of sun in increasingly inventive and interesting ways. Some of us go to festivals, others enjoy a few days at the seaside – some people, it seems, decide to turn their back gardens into a living room.

As strange as this may appear, it’s actually becoming an increasingly accepted practice. Gone are the days when the only piece of furniture out the back was a wire frame table and chair set; now you’re as likely to find a sofa, coffee table, some candles and a throw cushion – at least for a few days in July.

Although perhaps not to everyone’s taste, this raises an important point about how we think about our gardens. While most of us like to plant flowers to make them look pretty, they’re seldom a truly comfortable place to host a party. They’re often treated like landscape paintings, to be looked at and admired though possessing no fundamentally practical value.

However, when approached from the same perspective as any other room in the house, a garden can be made into a hugely inviting space in which to host guests on a summer’s day. This need not necessarily be achieved with the addition of a sofa; instead, up the comfort levels while keeping things casual with some new sun loungers. These have the benefit of being much easier to move indoors when the bad weather inevitably returns; there’s a great range of affordable yet attractive sun loungers at Littlewoods that would be ideal.

A functional and aesthetically pleasing table is also crucial. Consider getting something in a glass or metal café style as this tends to appeal more than the classic wooden ensemble at the moment. Purchasing one with a parasol would be a great way to capture that chic European look and is perfect for getting a little shade if the temperature decides to up the ante. Accessories such as log and coal burners also mean the garden won’t need to be abandoned as soon as the sun begins to set.

Check out for more ideas on how to turn your garden into the perfect party venue this summer.


  1. I want to work on my garden this year.

    1. I do, too! Well, I don't actually have a backyard, but I do have a balcony here. Maybe I'll fill it with potted plants and vegetables!

  2. I love my back garden and with the recent hot weather we have spent more and more time out there, and at night eating our dinner outside, the kids love it! Also these days going out for the day works out so expensive, so it's nice to sit and play in your back garden without having to go out and spend a fortune.


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