Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Beauty Surprise!

Long, long ago, I bought myself a little makeup brush kit from my friend who used to sell Avon. It came with 5 mini brushes and was just enough to meet my basic eyeshadow and liner needs. Over the years my set of 5 has dwindled to just 2 little brushes, and they aren't very helpful anymore!

I saw a lovely eyeshadow tutorial this morning (shown above) that I realized was virtually impossible to get through without a supply of good brushes, so I splurged a little and bought a set of 34 brushes (yes, 34!) on Amazon for just $25 (why did I wait so long to buy a set?!). There were over 100 reviews that were almost 100% positive, so I happily hit "add to cart" and will have my brushes in just a few days!

To make it all the more sweet, I had an Amazon giftcard thanks to Crowdtap that paid for the whole thing! 

Here's to summer beauty *cheers*


  1. 34 brushes?! You could stash a couple just about everywhere! If you're up for another beauty splurge I can't say enough good things about the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Now I just feel bad for all my other little eyeshadows I've been neglecting since getting it...


    1. I know! I'm super excited to finally have appropriate brushes for all of the cool techniques that I've found on Pinterest, lol. I love Urban Decay! I'll have to go check out this palette :) Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Oh goodness. I'm not even sure what you'd use all those brushes for! I am so out of the make-up loop, I hardly ever do anything than just swish eye shaddow over my lids and brush on mascara. I really must learn.


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