Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Coffee Bean Magic

Green Coffee Bean Plant

With only 1 week and 1 day left until I leave for my annual Washington trip, my diet goal is getting down to the wire. Let's see how I've done so far ...

In the two weeks since I've been drinking meal replacement smoothies (which include all the calories, protein and nutrients that I need), I've lost 7 pounds! Half a pound a day isn't too shabby! I'd still like to get down to my early-twenties weight, which means 9 more pounds to go. And I know just how to do it!

I recently read about the AMAZING green coffee bean phenomena. Have you heard about it? Green coffee beans are the new all-natural "miracle" weight loss key: 

"They key ingredient in the green coffee bean is a very important natural active compound called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body, while at the same time boosting the metabolism or the “burning” of fat in the liver. These two mechanisms work together to inhibit the absorption of fat and eliminate weight gain."

I learned about this on Dr. Oz and rushed to my local health food store to buy a bottle. They were completely sold out, but the girl said they were getting a shipment in the next day. I went back the next afternoon and guess what?! Completely sold again again! These things fly off the shelves. I went to a couple more health food stores and they either carried the kind that have additives (you absolutely have to  take the PURE green coffee bean extract with no fillers), or they too were sold out of the good stuff.

Finally, I found the right brand in another city and stocked up. They're expensive (almost $25 a bottle), but I found this deal for the brand that Dr. Oz recommends on Amazon which is way cheaper than buying them in the store. I'm definitely going to buy them here next time.

Anyway, I love trying new healthy living options when the science behind it makes sense to me. This "miracle" bean has a perfectly rational explanation as to why it causes you to lose weight, so I'm in! Let me know if you've tried it, too!


  1. Fascinating! Oh honey I owe you a long email, I'm so sorry I've been so slack! Things have been *crazy*! Will message you soon, and we can plan our slumber party!

  2. Hope all is well your way and you will have a wonderful trip! I am finally getting back around to Blogging again and visiting all my favorite Blogs :)



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