Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alexander Del Rossa for Mom!

I recently ordered a pair of satin pajamas for my mom. She does so much for me and my two brothers, from advocating for our health and happiness to cooking our cares away with her delicious dinners, and people really don't do enough for her. Moms are so easily taken for granted, and I never want my beautiful mom to feel that way. I wanted to give here a little token of thanks, and I felt that something luxuriously comfy was the best way to show my appreciation.

I found an incredible variety of sleepwear for women at Alexander Del Rossa and placed an order for a 4 piece set that came with a super cute little robe, cami top, pants and even a sleep mask!

There was a bit of a sizing snafu when the pajamas arrived and I had to contact the company. They were absolutely fantastic and provided excellent customer care. I was a very happy camper, and the set of replacement pajamas arrived at what seems like the speed of light!

My mom adored the satin pajama set and has been wearing it often in our blistering summer heat. California keeps getting hit with heatwave after heatwave and midway through our last wave my mom reiterated how wonderful the lightweight material of these jammies has been. Seriously, if you're looking for women's pajamas, Alexander Del Rossa has you covered - literally!

P.S. Their prices are fantastic!

You can follow Alexander Del Rossa on Facebook and (my favorite!) on Pinterest!


  1. what a sweet gift idea! I may have to copy you...i think my mom would love these!

  2. I have raised the most incredible children!. They constantly show their love and appreciation for me which makes me feel like the best mom in the world! The pajama set Jennifer bought for me is awesome. I only wish every mom could have a pair like these so she can feel as papmered as I do. You know you are loved when your daughter is so thoughtful and considerate that she takes time out of her busy schedule to think of her mom and pamper her out of the blue! Thank you again, Jennifer for your thoughtfulness. You are so sweet! Any mom would feel blessed to have a daughter like you in their life. I love my beautiful daughter!!!

  3. Beautiful pajamas! I'm going to check out the site now. I'm a pajama fanatic!

  4. gorgeous pajamas! They look so comfortable luxurious.


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