Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catalina Island Whimsy

I have two best friends. Crystal is my "Bestie". We've been thick as thieves ever since we started high school, where we met and swooned over a cute boy in our Algebra class. We truly grew up together as we made our way through our teen years. Our younger siblings are the same ages so we we've spent a lot of quality "family time" together. She's like a sister to me :)

My other best friend is Tanya, aka my "Girlmate". Tanya went to school with me and Crystal, but we didn't become super close until shortly after graduation. At that point, Tanya and I became platonic life partners! She practically lived with me the first couple of years after high school, we took some college courses together and we reveled in our young adulthood and all of the fantastical adventures that those years brought us.

Here we are in our early thirties, and we're still having adventures - albeit, of a slightly different nature. Crystal and Tanya now have children, and our exciting experiences include them. I love that adding children to the mix hasn't taken away from the quality of the fun we have. Take, for instance, Tanya's 31st birthday that we celebrated a few days ago ...

We took a day trip to Catalina Island where we had the most magical, whimsical day! It was absolutely Tanya & Jen-esque, yet was even more wonderful because we were able to share it with little Annabelle! Not only did we have the brand of fun that we like to have, but we were able to enjoy Annabelle's reactions to all of the things we shared with her. Here are a few photos from our island excursion:

 {Annabelle's first boat ride}

 {A natural tourist}

 {It was hilarious watching Annabelle's excitement over the wind and ocean spray!}

 {The island of Catalina}

{Lunch and frosty, cheersy birthday beers while Annabelle napped in her stroller}

 {A delicious meal of ravioli and garlic bread}

 {Mommy's birthday hat and glasses made little Annabelle giggle with delight}

 {A leisurely stop at a little alley-nook for Annabelle's lunch}

 {A coffee break for the adults}

 {Annabelle's first wish}

 {In awe of ... everything!}

 {Soaking in every sight}

 {Dreamy sailboats all in a row}

 {Sweet birthday kisses for Mom}

 {A cute sleeping couple that Tanya wanted to take a picture of}

 {The note that Tanya left for the couple telling them to email her for their picture! She's so sweet and thoughtful!}

 {Entertaining babies with gadgets and gizmos is my specialty!}

 {A neat hotel that is sadly about to be torn down}

{Playing with statuesque seals because ... why not?!}
{Saying goodbye to the beautiful, whimsical island}

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