Friday, October 19, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is  ... relaxing is for the weak ;) In all seriousness, though, I'll be frolicking at Disneyland. I had thought about going to the beach for a walk on the strand for some sun time, but then I figured that I might as well enjoy some rides and thrills while walking in the sun.

2. A big pet peeve of mine is  people who cough and sneeze in public. To be fair, I do realize that sometimes sneezes randomly happen. I've even been a culprit here and there myself. It's the people who choose to go to a bookstore with snot trails on their sleeves or people like this at Disneyland who just don't care if they infect the entire world that bother me most. I'm more emotionally sensitive to germs than most because my grandma had multiple sclerosis and as a family we had to be careful about not bringing anything too gnarly into her home. I remember having to stay away from her for over a month when I had the chicken pox. Most people don't think about how far their germs can travel when they're having a sneezing fit in the middle of a grocery store, but to people like me who always had to be diligent for the sake of my loved one, I can't help but think of the potential of those germs.

3. I am really loving  "Rumor Has It" by Adele! I heard it while I was getting my hair cut last week and I've been obsessing over it ever since.

4. The rain is  sorely missed, by me at least! These little autumn heat waves that we keep getting in SoCal are screwing up my sweater, boots and baking plans.

5. My favorite girly indulgence is  floral edibles: jasmine tea, lavender pastels, rose cupcakes and St. Germain cocktails.

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is  "Simplesmente" by Bebel Gilberto (or "My Sharona" by The Knack!).

7. The best cure for stress is  guilty pleasure TV shows. I love to zone out to Drop Dead Diva or Pretty Little Liars with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea.


  1. Happy Friday!! Thank you for following my blog! I hope you have a great time at Disneyland!!

  2. I've only been to Disneyland in Paris. I went to The Sacre Coeur in Paris with a chest infection - I did my best not to cough on anyone and had hand sanitiser (is that spelt right?) and tissues a plenty to keep my germies to myself!

    Love "Rumour Has It" by Adele - have you had the Glee version? (then again you might really hate Glee)

    1. Hi Han :) Disneyland Paris sounds magical! I bet it's lovely right around Christmas! I haven't heard the Glee version yet, but I will have to find it now. I used to watch Glee pretty regularly, but I fell behind last season.

  3. Adele is awesome! She's often stuck in my head. And now "Rumor Has It" is stuck in my head! At least it's a rockin' song.

  4. Hello! "Rumor Has It" is a great song! But "Rolling in the Deep" will always be my favorite by Adele. And I'm jealous you get to go to Disneyland! Disneyworld in Orlando is amazing!
    Very pretty blog!

  5. Have fun in Disneyland! I've never been, but hope someday to take my kiddos. "Rumor Has It" is such a fabulous song. And I love floral edibles, too! Yum!

  6. Thanks so much for following me...I're repaid you in kind! I always enjoy meeting new bloggers! I've never had the pleasure of visiting Disneyland, only Disney World in Orlando. Such a magical place!


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