Thursday, December 6, 2012


We're all proven tea lovers here, so I was thrilled to find this incredible stainless steel Tea.Tanic steeper and strainer! The stamped metal tea accessory comes in two identical pieces which are hinged together, making for quick and easy teabag wringing. It also boasts a clever cutout so the ship can "sink" into your cup while staying securely adhered to the side. It's brilliant!

I remember being in awe of the ornate detailing of the Titanic movie when it was first released in theatres, and by the hauntingly beautiful remnants from the actual wreckage. Everything about the Titanic is captivating to me. So, how neat is it that I can combine my fascination with this piece of history with my adoration of tea?! 

The concept came from the mind of Gordon Adler, a German-born artist who currently resides near Berlin. Born in 1979, he's now a father of two and is an industrial designer and large format photographer. He has found great success in his art and even won a 2003 BOSCH design prize for an autonomous fire extinguishing robot, as well as a 2012 Hugo Junkers Design prize!

Not only have I fallen head over heels in love with this novelty piece of functional kitchen art, I'm now excited to follow his other work from here on out. He's currently working on new designs and is definitely an artist to watch. You can purchase your very own Tea.Tantic tea bag holder from his online shop for under $20, follow his blog and check out his photography here!

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  1. This is awesome! I love how it hangs on the side of the cup. I know my uncle would live this!


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