Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The NutriBullet Rabbit Hole

I'm crazy excited right now because I have a NurtiBullet on the way! You may have noticed last year I've become completely obsessed with smoothies. I lost 15lbs last summer by replacing a lot of my meals with smoothies jam packed with fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt and flax seed. I made sure each smoothie contained everything I needed, and I felt GREAT! 

My obsession became so great that I started looking at high-end blenders to smooth out the texture of my smoothies. *When you add leafy greens, carrots, oats, seeds and nuts you end up with a grainy/crunchy drink. It was okay for awhile, but I burned out on the texture and wanted my smoothies to be smooth. Here's the thing: high-end blenders are expensive! I didn't have an extra $350-$750 to spend on a kitchen appliance. I settled for clumpy smoothies and my daily intake slowly dwindled as my interest waned. 

Then my mom told me about the NutriBullet. It claimed to be as wonderful as, say, a VitaMix. I did some investigating and found this video which shows a couple of random girls testing a NutriBullet and VitaMix against each other. The VitaMix enthusiast was shocked to find that the NutriBullet made a smoothie almost as perfect as hers. She ate a little crow in the video and I felt justified in spending $120 (better than the $700+ VitaMix that I'd had my eye on!).

I'm scouring Pinterest for unique smoothie recipes while I wait for my delivery. I can't wait to revisit some of my old favorites, though!

Do any of you have a NurtiBullet? 


  1. Okay you've just made me starving! I better go make a smoothie!! :) Thanks for the info, can't wait to see what you create :)

  2. I just heard that smoothies are better than juicing which is what I have been doing. I guess there's more nutrients in smoothies?


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