Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Sprinkle and A Dash

I'm such a chocolate fiend! I used to think that my addiction bordered on ridiculous until I realized that my friends and family were far worse than I ever could be. 

Take this for example: my boyfriend recently emptied the kitchen cabinets looking for an old box of brownie mix that I'd thrown away a month or so before. In the midst of total kitchen disarray, I could only laugh as he looked at me with complete sugary desperation! The scene ended with him taking a trip to the store for a new box at 9:00 at night! Another fine example: my mom is even more of a chocolate fiend and proves this by mixing cocoa power and melted butter for a homemade chocolate sauce which she puts on just about EVERYTHING! And as if that weren't enough, she just ate a specialty chocolate bar that I bought and accidentally left at her house. She confessed and then laughed

My dear, sweet chocolate lovers deserve something a little better than boxed brownies and chocolate-butter sauce which is why I swooned when I found They offer two incredibly cool chocolate treats: Belgian Chocolate Mug Soufflé (which come in a variety of tempting flavors) and an Edible Choc-Board. 

The mug soufflés are little kits that come with a delicious Belgian Chocolate cake mix and a mug that you actually cook your individual soufflé in, and it only takes 3 minutes to cook in the microwave! This is the adult equivalent of an Easy-Bake Oven confection. My heart sings! You end up with a 16 oz chocolate soufflé. If you absolutely love your mug soufflé, you can even join their Belgian Chocolate Gift of the Month Club.

I love a good chocolate cake, but my favorite treat from A Sprinkle And A Dash is the Edible Choc-Board. I actually gave one to my mom for Valentine's Day and she LOVED it! It's another little kit that comes with a chocolate bar in the shape of a chalkboard, a wooden pencil-like tool, a vile of powdered sugar and a paper cloth to erase and clean up with. You simply scratch a message into the chocolate, sprinkle the powdered sugar over the board, rub it in and use the cloth to wipe away excess powder. Your message is perfectly clear and it truly looks like a chalkboard. Brilliant!

A Sprinkle And A Dash is perfectly whimsical and perfectly delicious! I'm seriously in love with them! If you hop on over to their website, let us know which flavors you think sound tastiest :)

You can also Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter and watch their videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

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