Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Confessions

Sadly, our Fill in the Blank Fridays have come to an end. The blog that hosted this self-indulgent "getting to know you" game decided to move on, so now we'll have to do the same. I've decided to replace the blanks with a Friday Confessions series. We're not bearing our souls here, just airing some silly laundry. I'd love to hear some of your confessions so please feel free to comment below!

1. I floss so that my dentist will be proud of me.
2. I've recently started watching the Disney Channel again. I'm 31 years old. 
3. I've also recently discovered that I enjoy dipping cookies in scotch. 
4. I can't stop playing SimCity Social! I'm such a sucker for simulation games (The Sims, Sim City, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon).
5. I hurry in the opposite direction when I hear someone sneeze. 

What are your confessions?!


  1. oh wow! I have to practice this too... to know myself better... let's see.. what do I have to confess here...

    Hmmm... I watch a lot of K-dramas but most of the time I end up reading recaps in the internet because I'm just soooo impatient hahaha ;p

    uh.. what else... *thinks thinks thinks*

    >_< I can't find any right now *cries and sulk in the corner*

  2. before I decided to turn off cable t.v I watched iCarly... I recently googled the show to see whats been going on with it.

    I like to blend confetti ice cream with vanilla vodka for a tasty adult milkshake. I haven't had one in months and now I think I want one.
    Every time I do my homework I rock while singing the song "feeling white and nerdy" in my head... It never fails that song always gets stuck in my head.
    Sometimes I buy my daughter a new fancy nancy book not because she wants it but because I want to read it, I can't help it Fancy Nancy is just too dang cute!

  3. Scotch in cookies, that sounds incredible!
    My confession: I am drinking a frozen margarita on a friday bed...alone. And it feels damn good!

  4. I'm so with you re: simcity social


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