Thursday, February 14, 2013

My "Go-With-The-Flow" Valentine

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether it was spent with a lover or with friends! All of my Valentine's Day plans fell through thanks to a horrible headache early in the day and ridiculously cold weather so my boyfriend and I practiced the art of winging it. After exchanging gifts (which were pretty amazing - I gave him a star from the International Star Registry and he designed, printed and framed a cover for the children's book that I've been working on) we set off for a bit of an around the town adventure!

1. We had dinner at a little hidden Mexican restaurant that was completely decked out in the cheesiest of valentine d├ęcor (it was actually super well done for what it was!). We even heard "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness on the way there. The song is such a guilty pleasure of mine and I very rarely hear it on the radio!

2. Then we stopped by a health food store to get more avocados for that crazy-addictive chocolate mousse that I told you about earlier this week (apparently health food stores are a Valentine's Day hot spot because there were young couples on every aisle!).

4. We stumbled upon a parking lot full of food trucks. It was too bad that we were completely stuffed from our dinner. The crepe truck served Nutella dessert crepes but we just couldn't do it!

3. And finally we grabbed coffees and cake pops at the Starbucks at our mall. Have you tried the new Vanilla Spice coffees?! YUM!

As it goes around here, my boyfriend had to leave for work just as I was winding down for the night. I cozied up with a cat, a blanket, season 1 of The Mentalist and a NutriBlast that I made last night. Speaking of which, I'm going to share my Blasts after the weekend. I've been using my new NutriBullet 3 times a day and have lost 3 pounds already. I love it!

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