Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Present

Something that I've been trying to work on this year is living in the moment. I've always been a forward and backward-looking kind of gal - I cherish so many sweet memories and have an incredible amount of hopes and dreams. 

Last year leading into this year, though, has been desperately stressful. I feel little bursts of anxiety as I look at the problems around me and it's been taking its toll. I find myself self longing repeatedly for the endless stream of good times that I once had, and eventually succumb to the couch and TV for sessions of mindless zoning. It's a rut ... a useless rut.

So, I gave myself a mission: feel the moment when things are at their most stressful. Step outside of the situation and focus on the warmth of the sun on my skin, the bold taste of a cup of coffee, the sweet sounds of the birds outside my window.

Situations are stressful, but life is wonderful. In that single moment where I'm aware of the little things, all is right in the world. This little exercise has been grounding me and helping me to regroup and rally so I can tackle things in a head-on fashion. 

Today was a day where I closed my eyes, took a full minute and focused on how comfortingly warm and soft my vintage Star Wars hoodie was as a breeze threatened to chill me. It felt like a hug from the universe; it was wonderful! I opened my eyes and felt renewed.

1 comment:

  1. I have definitely been there. I'm glad that you're able to pull yourself out of it a little, experience the moment, and see how wonderful things are and how great they can be!



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