Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Veronica Mars: The Movie

I remember back when Tower Records was going out of business. It was a bittersweet scene since my boyfriend used to be one their store managers. He moved on from the store a handful of months before they went under, but it was still a memory vault for him.

Aside from his sadness, I was over the moon! Here's why: I used to be obsessed with buying TV shows on DVD. There was a strange sense of pride in having an entertainment unit that looked like a TV Guide. The downfall of Tower Records had an upside: everything was 20% off, then 50% off, 70% off and finally 90% off. I was hoarding box sets of everything that I loved.

Interestingly, there was one show that remained on the shelves throughout the entire liquidation process: Veronica Mars. I had made a snap judgement about the show when it first aired and stupidly assumed that it was about a teenage girl from Mars. I feel ridiculous even typing that now. As I watched the store empty over the course of a couple of weeks, the Veronica Mars DVDs wouldn't budge. I assumed that spoke volumes about the show. It must be terrible, right?!

Flash forward a year or so and I found myself standing in the DVD section of Target. There it was again. 3 seasons of Veronica Mars staring right at me. I don't know why I caved that day, but I did (and at a much higher price than the Tower Records super sale). I bought the first season, took it home, watched the first episode and was HOOKED! I rushed back to the store and bought the second season, then the third. And then I cried because it was over.

The show was not about Mars; it was about a snarky, smart teenage detective who made me want to be a badass like her! Great characters, genius dialog and some pretty stellar storylines made this one of my favorite shows of all time. It was like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my absolute favorite) sans supernatural powers. Veronica was a real girl, like me.

The show must have been cursed because it only lasted those 3 seasons. We were meant to have a 4th season (watch the very last DVD to find out why), yet we were robbed. The cast wasn't ready to move on and pushed for a Veronica Mars movie. Warner Bros. wasn't convinced that there was enough fan interest so they continually shot down Veronica Mars creator, Rob Thomas. Even still, Kristen Bell held hope that she could revive her character on the big screen one day, and then this happened:

Rob Thomas got the gang back together and launched a Kickstarter project to raise $2 million to make the movie. Warner Bros. said that if they could raise the funds themselves, the studio would back the rest. And so it began. The crowdsourcing project has been live for mere hours and they're already up to $1.4 million thanks to their loving, loyal fans. "Not enough fan interest", thought the studio. Yeah, right.

We will FINALLY have our sleuthy, snarky movie! And the best part? Each fan donation is another "I told you so" to the studio naysayers. That just feels good!

*Donate (and get awesome thank you gifts from the cast for your generosity):
*Buy the Veronica Mars DVD set and fall in love with this show like I did!

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