Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Things That Make Me Extremely Uncomfortable

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I'm not very easily offended, but there are a few things that do make me squeamish. We're talking skin crawling, hot-flashing, palm sweating levels of discomfort!

1. I can't stand it when a couple fights in front of me. If you can't even maintain civility in front of your friends, your relationship is probably doomed. To make matters worse, sometimes these disastrous couples try to wrangle others into the fight by forcing them to choose a side. Yikes! No thanks! When this happens, I try to toss out a diplomatic response and then make my exit as quickly as possible.

2. Roller coasters that go upside down freak me out! I'll go on them here and there, but I'd take a steep drop over a loop any day.

3. Pushy sales people make me really uncomfortable. After years of seeing Living Spaces commercials on TV, I finally decided to step inside one of their stores to see what all the fuss was about. Nightmare alert! They have WAY too many employees, and each one makes a beeline toward you to ask if you need help. I understand the first one or two as you make your way into the store, but 10??? I even went so far as to look down at the floor to avoid eye contact in hopes that that would deter them. I felt horribly harassed and filled with anxiety by the time I fled the store.

4. Strangers who trap you in a conversation that you don't want to be in are the worst! If I'm responding in one word sentences and inching away from you, let me go! This always seems to happen at the grocery store or airport. Those are two places where you tend to be crunched for time and on a mission, so long-winded conversations about a stranger's life story aren't always welcome. It's so awkward!

5. Witnessing rudeness toward someone working in the food service industry always makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to apologize for the rude creep who is making a waitress' afternoon a nightmare. I sometimes even overtip just so they'll feel appreciated by someone.

What makes you uncomfortable? I'd love to know!

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  1. Oh my god I totally agree with all of these!!!

  2. You absolutely nailed it here. I cringe at all of those things. I can tolerate a stranger talking about themselves better than the other things because they may be lonely or desperate to talk, but the others make me worse than uncomfortable. They make me want to run, not walk, in the other direction.



  3. I completely agree!! and especially with someone treating a server horribly, especially when they did nothing wrong and politeness would've worked as well, if not better. The hubby and I have joked about having little business cards printed out apologizing for the way other people behave so we can slip it to those poor people that did nothing wrong.


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