Monday, May 27, 2013

Dearest Readers

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Dearest Readers,

In the beginning there were only a handful of you. In fact, this started off as a personal journal of sorts. I was so knew to the blogging world and was shocked when I discovered a comment form a complete stranger under one of my posts. It kind of blew my mind!

I like this world with its sometimes informative, but always personal, ramblings. I love how we connect with one another and share our highs and lows. This is a very special place to me, and it's all because of you :)

Thank you for bearing with me as I've gushed about Disneyland and my favorite TV Shows (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as I've drooled over fashionable findings, challenged myself in The Whimsy Diet, appreciated art and beautiful photography and even promoted my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy, thank you for helping me support my wonderful sponsors on the right-hand side of this blog over the years! Most of them are Etsians, although some are businesses which reside elsewhere on the internet. Your participation in our giveaways has been an exciting part of this blog, and I hope to see you all back for the next great giveaway (coming soon!).

I love spending time with you all on Twitter and Pinterest and become ridiculously giddy when you guys ReTweet and Pin things from the blog!

Blog readers make the days a little brighter and a little less mundane. Thank you for making my world so much richer than it was 5 years ago!

Coming up next: "Only pictures."

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