Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My (Funny) Phobias

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Not many people get this, but I'm terrified of June bugs and crickets. I don't necessarily love spiders or other insects that can actually do me harm, but I don't fear them in an irrational way like I do with June bugs and crickets. There are, of course, back stories to give merit to these phobias.

The cricket fiasco: When I was 10 years old, my family moved from California to Oregon for a short stint. We threw our packed belongings in the back of a truck and drove from one state to the other. Evening was quickly approaching on our first day of travel and we needed to stop somewhere for the night. The only place available was a motel with a parking space at the very back of the lot. To my utter horror, the entire parking lot was COVERED in crickets. Unfortunately, I had taken my shoes off at some point along the way and I couldn't find them in the car. With a crying baby brother hurrying us along, I was forced to walk barefoot to the motel. As my mom carried my brother to the office to check-in, I had to maneuver my way through the blanket of crickets. Regardless of how careful I'd tried to be, I inevitably stepped on countless crickets that went "crunch" between my toes. I can't see a cricket without gagging to this day.

*Side note - I was so traumatized by the cricket guts covering my feet that my first order of business once we got the key to the room was to take a shower. I had never used a bathtub with a shower curtain before because my previous bathtubs always had glass doors. My brilliant 10 year old self pulled the shower curtain closed without putting the liner curtain inside the bathtub, and I flooded the bathroom which then seeped into the rest of the motel room. What a miserable night!

The June bug trauma: A year or so later we found ourselves back in California living across the street from some old family friends. The moms hung out everyday drinking coffee while the kids played outside. Life was good ... until the June bugs came, that is.

My friend's mom started screaming and whipping her head around like a crazy woman one evening. She explained that a June bug had flown at her and that once they got in your hair you'd have to cut them out. She also said that they would crawl in your ear if they could. That was enough to have me paranoid for the rest of summer, every summer, probably for the rest of my life!

It was my sophomore year of high school when I had the opportunity to share my phobia with another. Crystal of Avery James Photography was sleeping over one night when we heard that distinct "buzz" of the June bug. We dove under the blankets and stayed awake in fear all through the night. Every time we'd peek out to see if the coast was clear the June bug would whiz past us and we'd have to drop and cover again.

Those suckers ruined my summers for years. My mom had to drag me outdoors on the 4th of July, and that was only after I covered myself from head to toe regardless of how hot it was. Thankfully, they've been making less and less of an appearance in this area over the last decade so I've been able to enjoy 4th of July fireworks in peace.

Do you have any traumatizing stories like these? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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  1. When I first moved to Kansas our apartment was on the 3rd floor. We arrived at 3 am and the apartment manager was supposed to leave the door unlocked for us since we drove 27 hours to get here. It was in the middle of August and we trucked up 3 flights only to discover that our apartment door was not locked. I put my hand on the railing onto something that felt papery yet squishy and then it let out a screaming reek eeeek eeek sound and scared me half to death. It was the biggest bug that I had ever seen at the time and I later found out it was a cicada. I still hate them and I still think they are out to get me when they come out during the summer.

    1. woops, I meant the door was locked.

    2. I totally get the bug traumas! I've never seen a cicada in real life, but they remind me of one of my favorite video games: Animal Crossing!

    3. I love animal crossing too!!


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