Friday, May 10, 2013

The Girl, the Booze and the Screen Door


As promised, here's my most embarrassing moment ...

A handful of Halloweens ago, I may have had a few too many spooky cocktails! It was fitting that I was dressed up as a lushy Courtney Love to Joe's heroin-chic Kurt Cobain costume. Anyway, Joe's sister has always had a ridiculously transparent screen door at her sliding glass door. Even the most sober of people have run into that thing.

Shortly after shaking my head at someone who ran into the screen and knocked it off it's hinges, I walked not only through the screen but also brought the frame down in crippled heap of metal ... onto a person! It was all screams and flailing limbs. Needless to say, the door was toast and a couple of us were covered in bruises the following day.

As if that weren't bad enough, a couple of years later I found out that the husband of the woman who I fell on top of called into a radio station that was looking for funny drunken stories. He detailed my massive faux pas for thousands upon thousands of listeners!

This story gets shared at practically every family function now. Cringe.

Okay, your turn! Please??


  1. Hah! That's a good one! Mine is when I was a University student working in a Fire Attack Base Camp as a Cookee in the kitchen. Afternoons were quiet and usually the fire fighters who we cooked for were away from camp fighting fires or training. On one afternoon I was walking through the kitchen towards the dining room where I saw the cook sitting and planning meals, shopping list etc... so I decide to liven things up a bit!! I charged into the dining room, flying into the air, screaming on the top of my lungs, "Hiiiiiiyyyyyaaaaah" and ending in a karate chop attack position near to the cook. Well! To my great surprise, sitting on the 'other' side of the dining room were a dozen or so Head Honchos with the Ministry of Natural Resources!!!! Eeeek! I quickly exited stage one!!! The sweetest part about it is that I had to serve all these people at dinner... lot's of smiles and snickering and friendly comments!!

    1. What a fantastic visual, lol! I can only imagine how embarrassing it was at the time, but it makes for a GREAT story now!

  2. Ok...mine was a time when I was working in a pet store and I was helping a customer fit a harness to her dog, well that dog drooled a lot. When I keeled down to tighten the harness around the dog my foot slipped in a pile of its drool and ended up doing the splits and in the process ripping my pants all the way up my back end. I was horrified!

    1. Hahaha! That's hilarious! I hope you had backup clothes somewhere at the store.


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