Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Typically Boring Weekday

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{Love Letter via Lola's Room}

My weekdays are more or less the same (which is something that I'd like to work on), with a few variations here and there. I wake, I write, I sleep. Here's a typical day for me ...

  • Wake up and have a cup of black coffee, sometimes with toast or a brown sugar Pop-Tart.
  • Either I call my mom or she calls me, and we chat about nothing in particular.
  • I research and write.
  • I eventually make lunch.
  • Then I write some more.
  • Joe wakes up in the evening (good ol' UK hours for him), and we have dinner (well, breakfast for him).
  • We go for a walk and/or do a bit of yoga.
  • If Joe doesn't have homework we'll catch up on our recorded shows (currently obsessed with Elementary).
  • After Joe leaves for work I get back to my writing.
  • I take a late night bath to unwind.
  • Then I fall into bed with my iPod and Kindle (currently reading City of Bones - I can't wait for the movie release this August)!
  • Rinse. Repeat.

* Variations include CSI dates with Crystal, park dates with Tanya and her mini, and afternoons at my mom's house for a change of scenery.

Coming up next: "Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it."

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