Thursday, May 23, 2013

School Lessons vs Life Lessons

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Today's prompt for the Blog Every Day in May challenge has us sharing things that we've learned in life that school doesn't necessarily teach us. While most people will probably touch on the school of "hard knocks" and share some difficult life lessons, I'm going to take a literal approach.

When I think back to my days in school, I remember "learning" things through books and homework packets but not through real life applications. I zoned out and stared at the clock through most of my classes because outdated books and homework packets are BORING.

What I and so many other students needed was a math class that taught with currency theory! Tell me how math applies to my money, and I'll pay attention. Teach me how to use geometry to build my dream house. Explain the science behind food and what it does to my body rather than drill food groups and pyramids. Have me write letters to my idols to practice proper grammar.

Basically, prove to me that all of this is worth learning - that I will use it in my future!

My favorite classes in high school were Survival of Singles and APN (Alternative Program North [North being the name of my high school]). Survival of Singles was an elective class which taught life skills. The best thing that I took away from that class was how to bank! I knew how to balance a checkbook before I was 18, and I loved that I was able to start my adult life with a little real world know-how. APN was an English/Economics hybrid that was a model class, in my opinion. We learned how to play the stock market and invest our money. We took incredible field trips to inner city schools to tutor children. We wrote scathing letters to the city paper and shared our opinions on this, that and everything. We wrote poetry and submitted it for publication (I and many others were published in some sort of anthology back in 1999). The list goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong - I had reasonably good grades. I just didn't enjoy school, and that's a shame. I'm the type of person who has a zest for knowledge, but the system rarely allowed for anyone to step outside the box. The box crushes so many of us.

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