Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 Hiatus with a Splash of Borgia Blood

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August has been a rough month, which may be obvious from my three week hiatus. Between me and Joe, we've been dealing with so many family issues that our hearts are currently heavy and our minds are numb. In addition to that, we've been working hard and feel as though we've pretty much missed summer.

It seems that everyone who I've been talking to is frantically craving fall. Summer appears to have taken its toll on many of us and we just want comfort food, the security of a cozy home, the warm embrace of snug sweaters and opportunities to make new, positive memories.

On a happy note, two of my best friends have started dating after 15 years of knowing each other and that gives me some pretty awesome warm fuzzies! And on a more trivial happy note, I've been obsessively watching The Borgias at night. Have any of you watched this fantastic Showtime series? I'm enamored with the 15th century costumes, murderous scandals, sexual tension and the inner-workings of the Vatican from that period. The Borgias have been deemed the "original crime family" and the show doesn't disappoint. I just started the third season last night and it was epic!

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