Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Breathe

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As I mentioned the other day, summer has been a little insane. In all of the funk that this season has brought, I've fallen off the heathy living wagon. Too much stress = stress eating and couch potato-ing.

Part of my lame summer and time on the couch has been due to a slew of breathing issues. It began with a camera bag that I ordered online. As I opened the package upon arrival, I was hit in the face with an invisible cloud of chemicals and went into a fit of coughing. I've always been sensitive to certain household chemicals (Fabuloso and Febreze are the worst offenders), and every once in awhile I'll run into materials that cause me to react in the same way. For instance, a makeup case that I bought last year had to be aired out for a month before I could stand to use it.

Shortly after the arrival of the dreadful camera bag, my building installed (ugly!) new carpet in the common areas and that, too, smelled like chemicals. I was a coughing, wheezing, itchy-lung mess! Everything from secondhand smoke to dust in the air takes the wind out of my sails. This started in June and now it's September, and I'm still coughing and wheezing.

I've been taking herbal lung drops and drinking minty teas which help a little, but those things are certainly not the cure I'm in need of. I'm about to see an allergist and I'm pretty sure they're going to diagnose me with asthma. I've had two asthma tests in the past few years and I'm on the cusp each time. The difference this time around is that the diagnosis will come from a specialist rather than a general practitioner. This is one doctor appointment that I'm looking forward to!

Do any of you have asthma? How were you diagnosed?


  1. I have pregnancy induced asthma. Since getting pregnant with my son I have been asthmatic. I was treated by a breathing specialist as it's rare. It's been a steep learning curve. I can't use sprays with parfume in it. My advice to anyone who thinks they have asthma is take it seriously and get the flu jab each yr. My lungs are now prone to catching lung infections. I've been to a&e & resus with attacks. I had a lung infection from Nov - March last yr (cfs) makes it worse. I hope you get diagnosed and treated. The sooner the less likely you are to get worse.

    1. Yikes! That sounds terrible! I'm definitely getting checked out asap.

  2. I didn't get asthma until I was in my 20's, and sadly, it was a full blown attack where my parents had to rush me into the ER. Thankfully everyone there was awesome and got me started immediately on breathing treatments, gave me an inhaler, etc and then said to follow up with my regular Dr. I met with my Dr later that week only for her to tell me my lungs sound fine and I didn't have asthma ... seriously lady?! I was in the ER, could breathe, and had been on daily treatments prior to my appt so of course my lungs sounded good at that point! lol Obviously I didn't go to her again, my college health clinic was way better and got me a new inhaler and ever since then I just tell my new Dr that I do have asthma and they have never disagreed or re-tested, etc. Sadly, like the person above said it's crazy how much it compromises your lungs though, 2 years ago I was hospitalized with pneumonia/rsv and was hooked up to oxygen 24/7 for 2 days straight before being weened off it ... it royally sucks. So I'm super glad to hear you're going to someone else who will hopefully help you! =o)

    1. I made poor Joe take over the cleaning when it came to chemicals, and I took lung drops from the health food store. I'd say I'm at 90% now!


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