Friday, October 25, 2013

Cat Grooming with the FURminator

 photo FURminator1.jpg
{My cat after combing with the FURminator!}

I'm lucky to have one of the coolest cats in the world! Doyle is about as human as they come with his tendency to sit upright on the couch and watch TV with us at night. He does have one nasty cat habit, though, and that's coughing up massive hairballs multiple times a week.

Poor Doyle is part Maine Coon and has super long, fine, frizzy fur that gets stuck in his mouth in wet clumps when he cleans himself. Gross! Not only does it suck for him, it also sucks for me because the fur floats in the air and gets in my eyes ALL day long.

My mom told me about the FURminator, which is this amazing grooming comb that she used on her German Shepherd during summer. If I hadn't seen in it action, I probably wouldn't have believed it. As she combed her dog, mounds and mounds of dog hair piled up around them. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Best of all, her dog didn't seem to mind the combing in the least which was totally out of character. I wanted one of these combs for Doyle so bad!

There were 2 problems:

  • The dog comb was too big for my cat
  • It cost $72.99 which is verging on ridiculous (okay, totally worth it but not in my budget)

I resolved to go home and use my handy dandy Martha Stewart cat brush which barely put a dent in his fur but was better than nothing.

After a particularly rough day of pulling cat hair out of my eyes and applying cold compresses to bring the swelling down last week, I had a stroke of genius: Amazon sells everything and has the best prices around!

I found the perfect sized FURminator, name brand and not a knockoff, for $25 on Amazon! I also added the FURminator Hairball Shampoo for $7 to my cart. I had high hopes and waited impatiently for my order to arrive.

Happy dance - it came today!

I ripped the package open and set to combing Doyle right away. He's not the most compliant during grooming sessions, so I dosed him with treats as I combed ... and combed ... and combed ...

The photo above shows where we were at the halfway point. I ended up with a second pile equal to that size after we took a short break. And guess what? We're still not done! The instructions say to continue combing through until the comb is clean of fur and there's no more resistance. We came close, but my eyes were itching so bad that I was the one who needed the break. We'll finish tomorrow.

Needless to say, I'm AMAZED! This was our first trauma-less grooming with Doyle. He's happy, we're happy and if you use a FURminator on your furry friend, you guys will be happy too!


  1. Holy wow! I definitely need one of these for my manx... she has super thick hair that mats together if we don't comb it often enough and we deal with hairballs a lot with both our cats. This looks amazing!!!

  2. Furminator...every pet owner should own one of these. They are awesome!

  3. Neato! Gotta tell my sister about this.


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